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Why we can make a difference

The difference we bring to the clients is to help them not only design and build products like websites or mobile applications but also to strategize the demand for the product while designing it. In order for us to strategize the demand, we focus more on the user’s experience while using a product and content rather than Aesthetic or individual taste alone.

We provide User experience design services which help our clients build the experience for their users or customers. User experience design is also known as evidence-based user-centered design, which means, the design of a products does not reflect any single individual’s taste or requirement but rather it is based on the evidence gathered by studying the target users to validate if the need would really be useful to them on the whole.

Our clients are companies that create software products or services. Typically clients approach us when facing problems related to Usability, Interaction, Retention, Engagement, Adoption and overall satisfaction of their target users due to UI or UX.

Showing a mobile testing rig

We rather not recommend large infrastructure or expensive resources when we can just improvise and build apps with higher than expected quality standards. We want to be flexible and approachable for our clients and help them despite their limitations in budget or time. The image shows a mobile testing rig built using local resources, a toy set and a webcam. Cost was cut down from $25,000 to a mere$500. Time for setup was reduced from 4 weeks to one day.

Onsite mobile user testing

This is one of our most popular services. We provide such services whenever clients need us on work closely with their users / customers. We provide a boutique of creative solutions for clients worldwide. Thereby creating products that not only get the attention but also have meaningful design, ease to use and ultimately built to get the task done.

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