Where Do We Go from Mobile First?

Have you heard “mobile first” recently? It was a buzzword, back… six or seven years ago. And now it’s coming around again, almost like we’ve been through a full wash and rinse cycle with design theories – mobile first to responsive web design, and now back to mobile first. But that can’t be right.

The Grid System: Building a Solid Design Layout

Now that we’ve seen some grids at work in the Rule of Thirds article, let’s examine them a little more deeply. As a concept that deals so fundamentally with the fabric and background of our work as designers, it’s easy to overlook the power of grids and think more about the elements we want to create. Many traditional artists still paint their masterpieces over a feint series of intersecting lines. To help us make the most of our work surfaces and create with precision, we designers have a tool that echoes this. We call it the Grid System.

Resources to Start Learning Design

A lot of my YouTube subscribers have asked me how to start learning design — what online courses to take, books to read and blogs to follow. So, I compiled a simple list to help you get a start on UI, UX, Interaction, Graphic and Visual Design.

5 Awesome TED Talks for Designers

We know, TED talks can sometimes feel a little… overblown. While there are loads of great talks; some of them go nowhere and don’t seem to add much to your life at all. To make things worse… there are a lot of TED talks and it’s hard to tell which are going to motivate you to do something new and interesting and which are going to bore the socks off you.

Iteration is not design

In some reaches of the product development world there is a fascination with the idea that products can nearly design themselves through an iterative process of development, testing, and incremental improvement. This is what I call “design Darwinism.” Design Darwinism often enters the product development conversation as an extension of a Lean, Agile, data-driven, or A/B testing framework.

How to pretend you’re a great designer

Don’t know how to justify your excessive use of animations, clever copy, or generic cute illustrations? Just throw the word “delight” in the mix! Talk about how you understand the user’s psychology–how you’re creating an experience people will love. Who cares if your solution is not functional, expensive to build, or if there’s no data to back up your intuition. Remind everyone that you’re building a lasting and emotional connection with the user.