Figma VS Sketch

Figma is like Sketch in the browser with real-time collaboration.

With the limited time I had with it, I can already say with confidence that it’s far more polished and production-ready than in my first experience with Adobe XD. It also has three invaluable features that set it apart: real-time collaboration, vector networks and version history. It can handle dozens of designers working on the same document, at the same time without breaking a sweat. Last but not least, this tool is really fast, easily handling 20+ Artboards in a single document.

‘Expo infoDesign’

The course Expo Info Design is an exposure course on different aspects of presenting and organising information to make communication of information visible, efficient and effective.

The course will cover Information Theory, Ordering of Information, Methods for Structuring and Visualisation of Information, Display of Qualitative Information, Process of Sorting and Categorising Information as well as Introduction to Information Architecture.

The lectures will draw upon examples from a wide variety of application of Information Design that include: Web indexing and organising Menus, Knowledge Visualisation, Sigange and Wayfinding, Maps and Diagrams, Graphic Interfaces and Displays, Interactive Information Applications, etc.

10 Typography Tips Every Business Should Know

Every time I work with a new client, it’s amazing how far a little bit of design can go towards improving their business and their brand. While big brands like Apple and Nike invest millions of dollars into the design of their products, most of us are not Fortune 500 companies (yet). But that’s no reason to let your business miss out on the benefits of great design.

Applying On-boarding to aviation applications

When I started working as a product designer for a high-end product development company that has been on the Aviation product development for many years I noticed that the products the company designed or developed earlier are extremely complex in their domain and has put little interest in human-centered design and the user has to complete multiple numbers of supporting tasks to complete one single task. These type of applications dose not create a positive impact towards the user. Most of the time the users might not return to the application due to lack of feedback given to the user about the task that he she has to perform and the user might not be able to see the clear path to complete a certain task.

How to Start & Run a Design Business

What do you need to know to start and run a design business? Want to run your design business like a boss?

Top Ten Things To Consider When Starting / Running A Business.

Successful Business Man & Designer Chris Do imparts experience wisdom and knowledge on the most important issues entrepreneurs face when starting and running a business.

$0 Design Tools to Help You Create Your Next Project

Creating a well-designed site, product, or project usually isn’t cheap. You know you want to make something that looks good–but how do you do it if you’re working with a limited budget? While there’s no substitute for hiring a great designer, there are ways to build something beautiful without spending thousands of dollars—and it starts with the little elements, like getting the font, icons, photos, and colors right.

Design in Tech Report

Design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech. Related M&A activity, new patterns in creativity × business, and the rise of computational design.